Sunday, March 22, 2009

Our new website is up!

Come check out our new website,! A labor of love, so to speak. You can find all sorts of good information about our firm, Dwyer Williams Potter, Attorneys, LLP, including who we are, what we do (personal injury), and some tasty bits about a handful of notable cases. Our older website,, is still up as well, and will continue to undergo its evolution. Indeed, we are planning substantial changes on that site in the near future. As for a sneak peek, we plan to add substantial medical literature, including information on sprained necks, herniated disks, brain injuries, shoulder injuries, and the like. We also plan to add a tally sheet wherein we disclose the settlement offers on the table when clients first sign up with us, and the ultimate result we achieve on their behalf. We want to make the process more transparent, and let our results show the world that we are one of the very best personal injury law firms in Oregon. Now, if only the process of making such substantial changes to the website were as simple as it sounds...

- Tim Williams