Saturday, February 20, 2010

OTLA Annual Bend Winter CLE

I had an Oregon Trial Lawyers Association ("OTLA") board meeting yesterday, which was very interesting, as usual. We actually got a ton of work done during the meeting. It's amazing how hard we volunteer board members work to protect the rights of our cients! It's also amazing how hard the insurance companies work to block those efforts!

After the OTLA board meeting, our firm hosted an OTLA reception at our Bend office , which was well attended, and an absolute blast. Some of these lawyers can get pretty wild once they've had a few drinks in them! I wanted to go downtown with a group of them after the reception, but I chose to go home instead, as my daughter was under the weather. It just didn't seem fair for me to party while my wife was stuck at home with a sick three year old.

Today, OTLA presented our annual Bend winter half-day CLE ("Continuing Legal Education") program on hot topics in motor vehicle litigation, workers compensation litigation, consumer law, appeals, nursing home litigation, and employment law. The educational segments were presented by OTLA board members (I spoke at last year's on deposition preparation). Guess who was the moderator/master of this year's ceremony? Me! It was a great program, and I kept things light between each segment. I was always sort of a class clown growing up, so I actually found it easy to do. Unlike many, I enjoy speaking to people and entertaining them. I guess I found the right profession, as that's essentially what I do in front of the jury.

The CLE went off without a hitch, and was very well attended. I can't wait to begin planning for next year's Bend CLE!

- Tim Williams
Your Oregon Injury Attorney

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